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ICT Telecom Services

PTS Corporation was the first and only company who have conceptualized the idea of integrating basic facilities inside high rise condominiums.

This all started when one of our client was looking for a solution to their expensive videophones used as their guest annunciator (Intercom with Video). The problem of videophone is that parts are expensive and difficult to obtain and hard to maintain the system.

Our recommendation was an integrated system capable of doing voice and video to act as guest annunciator. Now we don't only provide Integrated Guest Annunciator but also other services such as in-house internet provisioning, Cable TV and both In-house and Telco-Direct Telephone subscription.

Business Center Facility is one of the value added services that we operate to exclusively serve the tenants or residents of the condominium. With the Business Center, office type services can be availed such as Internet Access, Copier, Facsimile, Messengerial Services and Concierge type services.

Our presence in the building adds more value to the property. Tenants enjoy easy access to Telephone, Cable TV and Internet facilities. They need not go out of the building to apply for all these services because PTS Corporation brings it to their homes. Building operators appreciates our presence as we unload some of their small but multiple tasks of facilitating these services.

Just imagine your condominium becomes an "intelligent building" that can make available all VOICE & DATA facilities at the tenants' fingertips. A ONE-STOP SHOP solution that will address all the communication requirement of the tenants.

Telecom Service Center (TSC) is another concept pioneered by us. With the emergence of new technologies, this concept will utilize the new technology of Fiber-to-the-Home or FTTH to provide telephone, cable TV and Internet through fiber optic cable.

An excellent and convenient services for the unit owners and less investment for the building developer.

One Line Diagram

One word to describe the value that we offer:CONVENIENCE

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